“Winter Interim of the Heart”

by Eugene Dudarev
There is a winter interim of the heart
when a million white butterflies descend
from ripened cocoons in the sky,
soundless wings flutter,
cluster into spools of wool
for the weaving loom.

Surrounded by the starkness of white
you search for rainbow colors
only to find an empty, outstretched
canvas upon the easel,
an artist’s paintbrush, a pail of gesso,
your naked hands.

There is a winter interim of the heart,
a jagged juncture of time when you discard
easel and paintbrush,
for the weaving of wool,
the molding of sculptures
steadfast in the evanescent snow.

by D. G. Vachal © 2014

*** Photography by Eugene Dudarev

27 thoughts on ““Winter Interim of the Heart”

    • My jaw dropped when you came up with the interpretation of the progression of the different stages of womanhood, Sandy. That is quite a layer that you’ve uncovered, and I appreciate you sharing your insight with us. Thank you so much.

  1. I read this phrase written by Ian Grice and will use it here, Dee – “word pictures”, you’re given us word pictures – leaving it to the individual to visualise and I see much beauty and grace here.

    Peace and blessings,

    • Thank you, Eric. I am glad to know that I can draw and paint “word pictures”, because as a child, I was not one of the stars in my Art classes — I could hardly draw a straight line, and the teachers did not like my mix of colors. So now I use words. 🙂

      Peace and blessings to you, too.

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