4 comments on ““To Be Of God”

  1. Humility is indeed an elusive trait and one worth pursuing. Reminds me of the swollen rice plant – the fuller and more golden, the lower it leans earthwards.


  2. Dee, an awesome message embraced by a beautiful poem, the love in your selfless spirit always touches and inspires the deepest places within us. Your light fills our day with true blessings and smiles…hugs and blessings to you always my sister!

    • It is only when I discard self and give the Holy Spirit free reign, can the words of my writings speak to hearts — and thank you, Wendell, for mentioning the deepest places within us — indeed, such places do exist, and must not be forgotten, nor dismissed. The light within me is simply a reflection of the Light of the World, and it is a privilege to reflect His light to the people who sit in darkness so they may see the Great Light. God bless you, brother! Dee

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