“October Sunset”

October Sunset

How many sunsets have I missed
while threading needles,
tending the hearth,
kneading the flour
for our daily bread —

I chanced upon a sunset:
a brilliant bonfire in the sky
of apricot flames,
periwinkle smoke,
while autumnal leaves ripen
for the harvest —

bequeath the gold and rubies
to the children of spring.

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

*** photography by D. G. Vachal

“A Lion In Autumn”

A Lion In Autumn

Autumn and the reddening leaves
bask in the glow of an Indian summer sun,
I run through the wind in cambric
playtime clothes,
laughter explodes upon my face,
there is a warmth,
an amber warmth that lingers
in this momentary breath
of treasured hours —

I trace the furrows upon his face,
watch infinite shades
of a tangerine sunset
as I listen to stories of the times
when the olive groves were heavy
with fruit,
the songs of lemon blossoms
plenteous as raindrops
upon the dark green leaves —

Now the lion that prowled
through emerald forests
walks in slow, ordered steps,
protruding bones define the sagging,
golden fur,
he holds my arm,
I walk with him,
he and I
no longer swept
in the quick-footed dance
of my elusive childhood —

Time stands still,
palpable as the immutable truth
that luminescent stars sparkle
eternal in the heavens,
and the warmth that lingers
on this jasmine-white day
burns like a candle,
an obstinate flame that glows
eternal in my heart,
no matter the winter,
no matter the cold.

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

*** Image: Autumn by Denizler 

The Laughter of October

The Laughter of October

Mirth at sunset,
when herons scream
like children
in the shallows,
and up
on the branches,
aurulent shafts of light
play with the shadows
of auburn leaves —

Come to me and stay
for the laughter of October
is upon my face,
a golden glow,
a raging fire that hides
in the Indian summers
of my heart.

by D. G. Vachal. © 2012

*** photography by DigitalArt2@Flickr Commons