“October Sunset”

October Sunset

How many sunsets have I missed
while threading needles,
tending the hearth,
kneading the flour
for our daily bread —

I chanced upon a sunset:
a brilliant bonfire in the sky
of apricot flames,
periwinkle smoke,
while autumnal leaves ripen
for the harvest —

bequeath the gold and rubies
to the children of spring.

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

*** photography by D. G. Vachal

28 thoughts on ““October Sunset”

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  2. What soul waits with compassion every sunset (every sunset) and rises before the birth of another? Our trust is knowing another comes, proof of our patience, proof of eternal love. Let us keep the sun not waiting for our smiles. Love to you, Dee. May your sunset be the sweetest (until tomorrow’s). ~ Ever, Bobbie

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