21 comments on “Not from Gibbons, but in the Image of God

  1. Yes! And we need to read and hear this more. The church is at fault to float along and not make a stand against these teachings – we dehumanize. And we do not need to be bio engineers to understand Starting with the late great John Stott is an excellent way to educate ourselves and to read the literature and essays of great minds like CS Lewis, Bonhoeffer, and even Tolkien – who believed in a God made man – but more than that – to move into the word of God and believe what is written there. Now granted once a person does that and experiences the freedom there and the encouragement it’s impossible to slip back into the chains of deception and that makes people uncomfortable…

    • Yes, truly it is mind-boggling for me, how a “theory” of randomness has wormed its way into the very warp and woof of “rational thinking” in our society. And that is the great paradox of it all: that this is considered “scientific dogma”, and professorships and university tenures are richly awarded to those who embrace its tenets. The church needs to put up a stronger stance against a world view that denounces the presence of God, the presence of a Creator. I agree that we need to educate ourselves, firstly with the Word of God, and then with great literature from the great minds of godly men like those you mention. Thank you so much, Sandra, for your input! Dee

  2. An excellent article, and how true that it appears ‘pride’ is what most often blinds evolution theorists to believe we are all little more than sophisticated monkeys! How sad not to recognize that we are not ‘evolved’ but CREATED beings, made in God’s own likeness. “And the Lord gave mankind ‘dominion’ over all the birds of the air and over all living creatures…” Genesis 1: 26-28, Psalm 8:6

    • Yes, Susan, it is sad not to recognize that we are not evolved but created beings,and extraordinarily special created beings, at that, because we are fashioned in the Creator’s likeness. And along this line of thought, it is particularly sad and tragic that evolution theorists would rather accept the idea that man came from the molecular swamps to emerge randomly into a thinking and feeling being, as opposed to receiving the honor from God of being His crowning glory of creation.

  3. I do not believe in all that stuff laundered by so called scientists that man evolved from the monkey. Their kind once had us believe that the earth was flat.

    God made man – full stop!

  4. I have to share this because I know you will appreciate it, Dee. My niece who is in college was talking about some fellow students who had problems with self-esteem. When I asked her why she thought that was (when she has no such problem), she replied, ‘Well, how much can you think of yourself if you’re truly convinced you evolved from pond scum’? Point taken!!! 😉 Love you~ Bobbie

  5. Yeah…the ridiculousness can really be staggering if you sit there and ponder it for a moment or two. By another one of their own ‘theories,’ order cannot come from randomness; order breaks down into randomness. As the Word of God says (and they prove it at every turn), “When you start with a foolish assumption, what you end up with as a conclusion is sheer insanity” (Ecclesiastes 10:13).

    • That is such a profound verse you quote here, Lester! Indeed a “foolish assumption” it is that asserts there is no God. Yes, it is really staggering to ponder how randomness can bring about order. Thank you, Lester, for such an enlightening comment. Dee

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  7. Very, very well written post. This has and always will be a nagging disconnect between God and man until our Lord Jesus returns and “every knee will bow and every tongue will say that Jesus Christ is Lord”. We children of the King must continue to be aware of ALL the means the enemy uses to confound people.
    May you be blessed!

    • Thank you, Stephanie. The Lord led me to this topic after I asked Him what I was to write about. What you so aptly call the “nagging disconnect between God and man” stems from man’s pride and we who love His appearing await the day when all mankind and all of creation will acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord. Yes, we are to remain vigilant and mindful of the enemy’s tactics to deceive and to blind, while upholding the truth and the light in our lives. Thanks again so much for sharing your insightful thoughts and may you abound in His blessings! Dee

  8. Love the image!! It is like transmiting feelings through it, just amaizingm thanks for sharing it with us 😀

    Lovely words, phrases and writing, very inspiring, hope you have a great day!

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