16 comments on ““Where is Your Faith”?

  1. Such truth, Dee. Faith is far more than belief, far more than knowledge. Faith is letting go and holding on at the same time. It is closing our eyes and seeing everything clearly. I love this (and you). ~ Ever, Bobbie

    • Thank you for such beautiful and profound words about faith. I love how you say it that Faith ïs closing our eyes and seeing everything clearly”. Truly Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Love, Dee

  2. more faith and more strength, is my prayer. i wait too long sometimes to go and wake up the Lord of the storm…and it hurts until i get there. love your post! how many kinds of storms there are.

    • I join you in that prayer, Lorna. Storms come unexpected just like that day at sea with the disciples, but thankfully the Lord of the Storm, is with us to protect us in the midst of the raging waves. Love, Dee

  3. Well put…the right thing in the end – as well as the beginning or middle – is always to go to Jesus. He’s the One with the wisdom to deliver us. Thank you, Dee, very insightful post!


  4. This only reminds me of how great is the faithfulness of God toward us, that no matter how the measure of our faith, still He continually delivers us from all our shortcomings. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! ♡ You’re a blessing! 🙂 God Bless 🙂

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