18 comments on “How the Christian Glorifies Christ

  1. Dee, I was just talking about this yesterday. Recently, I introduced two individuals with the hopes that, together, they could create something beautiful that would benefit them both. Both are amazing, strong, intelligent men, and both carry a light within them that is like walking along the sun. Both are Christian, but it’s more than that. Both are spiritual and their intimate relationship with God, and with all the earth and mankind, is a beacon that’s hard to resist (and hard even now to put to words). Yes, we should strive always to walk in the Light, but when we do it right, surely the LIGHT walks with us. Absolutely inspired. Thank you so much for your moving words of love. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. Hi Dee…

    New life, new understanding, new outlook…that hits the nail on the head. It describes a whole new spirit; and that changes our whole life, from the inside out. Great post, my sister!


  3. Christians are a peculiar people. We are new creations reflecting Jesus in all His glory, purity, and love. How different we are than the world. As we grow in the Lord, that difference is more apparent and either attracts others to us or enrages others. What privilege and responsibility Christians have. May the Lord be reflected in us this week as we sojourn in the world this week. Thank you, Dee, for a reminder of the great responsibility and inheritance that we have. Karen

    • How true that as we grow in the Lord, our peculiarity becomes more apparent, which attracts or enrages others. Thank you so much, Karen, for your wonderful prayer and for being such a blessing. Dee

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